Who I am

I try to figure myself out through other peoples stories and of course my own.. I try to understand my purpose through those stories, situations, scenarios and of course in everything that I do. The world is my canvas and I am the artist. Everyone has a story! Unfortunately, I am still writing mine and its taking time to complete because I am a perfectionist. I’ve learned to understand that I am “Collateral beauty” and everything has beauty in it as long as we look deep! I overthink situations that I shouldn’t, I carry my emotions on my shoulder, I am flawed, sometimes I care way too much about things people don’t care about, I am very outspoken and I speak my mind even when I’m not supposed to. I am getting wiser with time and I am progressing through struggles. Everything that I have been through has made me stronger. I like to believe that I am stronger because of them. I’ve had moments where I lost hope but it doesn’t change me who I am as a person. I love to laugh, I love to cry, I love to engage in deep conversations, I love to learn about the way people think, love to hang out with my family and friends and I also enjoy meeting new people. I am not perfect and I don’t ever wish to be. I am the girl who has been writing since 11 years old. It was an outlet for me when I didn’t understand what was going on so I would express myself on paper. My paper never denied me of my feelings nor did it bash me for feeling the way I felt. My love for writing has definitely helped me to relieve my stress. On any given day, just give me some good music and a notebook. 
A college student who is trying to grasp onto reality and making the best of every moment. 

A mother who has endured a lot! 

But a woman who has to hold her own and make peace with whatever she is dealt with!