A concept of life in my mind 

A long time ago, I came to the conclusion 

I’ve come to many conclusions (laughs at self)
Some people are in love with the idea of you

In love with how the situation is for the moment
Infatuated with how good of a person you are to them

And never really take the time to understand who you are as a person

Never take the time to get to know the real you 

Never looks deeper than what the eye can actually see 

Never even tries to pick your brain and learn about your thoughts 

Never sits back and tries to learn about you 

Learn what you like

Learn why you move the way you move 

Or never takes the time to see beyond your smile 
See beyond your tears 

See beyond your faults 

And who am I to judge 

Actually I’m not 

You have to learn about people 

It’s just a thought process for myself 

I want to know the “real you”
Or People don’t do that??

Because I’m not normal 
I don’t think like the average 

I don’t move how everyone moves 

I don’t see life the way everyone sees it 

So when something fails 
Doesn’t work out 

The term has come to an end 






It’s not you, it’s them

Life hasn’t humbled them yet

Be prepared to feel like you weren’t good enough 

Because you are 

You’re a gem 

You’re a diamond 

So expensive that you can’t be bought 

Understand that your mind is a powerful asset to your life 

Your beauty of life is only your perception 

It’s only as beautiful as you allow it to be 

Despite what may have happened 

And you should use it 

You should look beyond the world 

Know your worth 

And that life happens 

People will disappoint 

And believe me

As time goes by you’ll know it wasn’t your fault 

Because it’s not you, it’s them 

Life hasn’t humbled them 



10 years ago you couldn’t tell me my life would be the way it is now
I spoke about this in my 2nd blog post about not being where I wanted to be and I’m back on it again 

I’ve had a change of heart about some things in my life 

Going back and forth about a lot in my mind 


Because I’m living everyday to the best of my capabilities 

I’m a work in progress 

I’ve been through things that people might’ve not survived 

And you don’t have to go through much these days because everyone is on social media committing suicide 

It’s an eye opener in itself 

Because life just has that much pressure that people cannot handle 

So I decided that my goals are worth working hard for because no one is going to work as hard for your goals as you do

Although everything under the sun stresses me out, I won’t let them kill me– contradicting I know 

My goals are not your average though 

I pray for sanity and peace 
My goal is to be happy and content 

My goal is be a better me 

Not only for myself but for my daughter 

My family 

My friends 

And anyone I can come across and inspire 

And then life pretty much falls into your lap 

I’ve learned that the more I pray about certain things, the harder I work, the more God continues to show me 

It may not be in the form I’m wanting it to be but it’s something worth being content about 

So write your goals down

Pray about them 

Speak positivity upon those goals 

And work towards them every chance you get 

I’ve gotten into the habit of writing EVERYTHING down so when I go through my phone or go through my notes, they are right there looking at me 

6 months into the year and I couldn’t be happier

 I’m tired, I’m losing sleep but I’m happy with the goals I’ve set for myself 

And if anyone would’ve told me this 10 years ago, I would’ve probably stopped talking to you 

I didn’t know that I would be 28 trying to get things done and focusing on my HAPPINESS

And though it took some time, it has been well worth it 

I’m able to view life from a whole other perspective 

No matter how long it takes, no matter what might’ve got in the middle of your goals and you 


“a dream is only a dream, If you wake up and work towards it, it’s your REALITY”

I’ve given some things up to be where I am today 

I’ve had to walk out on people that were bringing me down to be who I am and where I am today 

And I’m doing the very best thing for my daughter and I 

Setting goals and working towards them! 

It’s a struggle sometimes 

Oh sometimes I want to give up 

But I know that my DREAMS ARE BIGGER THAN ME and believe me when I tell you… they will be MY reality! 

Don’t forget to love yourself 

We battle daily trying to understand certain things 

I know Ive sat around with my friends

Conversing about what we want out of life 

And wanting more out of life 

What we have been through 

And now we can laugh about it 

Our lives should be in a movie “LITERALLY” 

And  we see potential in each other 

And we are ALL great women

Of course with flaws and our own insecurities 

As should everyone 

Some with kids, some without 

And everyone brings something to the table 

But why is it the one person we want to see that 

NEVER saw it! 

And understanding who I am as a person was a daily battle and it still is 

I’ve been through the hoops before 

And I promised myself, I didn’t want to do it again 

For a while I struggled with understanding what it means to “love myself” 

For me it means 

Despite all that I’m going thru

Despite hoping and wishing someone else would see it 

In the midst of it all 

Don’t forget to love yourself 

And I say that 

Only because the one person at one time that I needed validation from had no time for me 

Had no time to understand me 

Understand my pain 

Understand that I was different 

Didn’t think to make me priority 

And you don’t realize how much you’re hurting yourself 

Or giving someone the pleasure of “owning” your peace of mind 

Can TRULY destroy you 

Or value me as much as I valued them 

And now I’m able to say it 

Speak about it 

Reminisce about it 

That I don’t need anyone to validate who I am as a whole 

I’ve become a better me from other experiences and others mistakes as well 

I used to think I needed someone’s love to validate my life 

That I needed someone to tell me they love me in order for me to be content 

It was okay for someone to hurt me 

Forgive them 

Allow me to cry 

Allow me to be hurt 

But in the midst of trials and prayer

 I learned to love myself

We learn about ourself in complete solitude 

In our most vulnerable times 

I started taking some time away from the world 

And in that time, I learned so much about myself 

I learned how Great I am

I met some great people 

I wrote about my feelings 

I read my books 

I went back to school

Trying to clean up my mess 

I started thinking FRESH 

I started looking deeper into what I want out of life 

What I bring to the table 

How I am as a person 

What my faults are 

What I contribute 

When someone doesn’t see who you really are 

They make excuses for their faults 

They hurt you in the process 

And unless you know your value, you’ll accept it 

You’ll walk around moping thinking that you’re not good enough 

Don’t forget to forgive yourself for all the hurt you caused your heart and mind to go through Don’t forget to thank God  for those trials and tribulations 

Don’t forget to love yourself before you love anyone else 

My mother taught me a long time ago that In order to love & care for others, you have to love and care for yourself FIRST! 

Despite what is going on in the world 

Around you 

Any troubles you might be having 

Any doubts or fears you can’t seem to get over 

Don’t forget to love yourself

Because we fall short

Life comes at us 1000 miles per hour it seems some days 

Things spin out of control 

life can seem upside down 

Life isn’t a fairytale 

People are battling these feelings everyday 

We lose sense of who we really are 

Trying to make sure everything else is okay 

Forgetting that you’re human 

Forgetting that you deserve the best also 

You have to slow down 

Remember that life is going to happen 

People will hurt us 

People have hurt me 

I have hurt people 

But one thing is for sure 

Don’t forget to love yourself 

In all the decisions you make, make sure it makes you happy

Make sure you’re content 

I’ve learned it’s okay to be selfish to protect your heart 

To protect your peace 

To guard your heart 


We forget sometimes that the main person WE need to love WE neglect which is 

Don’t forget to love yourself 
Courtesy of life, love and future blessings ❤️