There’s no manual, there’s no guide 

I haven’t been posting as much because I’ve been so busy working, trying to catch up on sleep, being a mom and just focusing on what matters most 
School is about to start and I’ll be VERY busy this time around; I’m super excited though. I truly LOVE a challenge especially now that I’ve learned to challenge myself more 

My schedule is about to be madness and I’ve been praying in advance for strength 

But lately I’ve been thinking about life as I always do and man: There is no manual to life! 

From losing my mom and grandma at the age of 11 
Not knowing what would happen next 

Being depressed sometimes 

Then my dad not being in the picture 

My brother getting locked up, feeling like he left me which wasn’t his intentions at all 

To just dealing with piles of crap 

Being a black woman in society 

Trying to make it without degrading myself 

Then I meet my eldest sister 

Having great friends; a village of people who have helped me grow 

Watching my people struggle through things unimaginable— stress, relationships, self love.. etc 

Becoming a mom at 21, I thought I knew it all 

And actually I don’t 

No one taught me how to be a mother, it’s just a God given gift 

I raised my two cousins as a kid and that was no joke but it mentally prepared me but having my own (WHOLE) kid, a human to care for, a human who looks up to me, my own flesh and blood changes YOU as a person

It changed me! 

Knowing what I want for myself and for my child

 I’m working towards that everyday

There’s no manual or guide 

I make mistakes 

I have decisions to make

I have to care for myself to be able to care for her 

A lot has happened in this past year

I’m so thankful 

I’m so blessed 

God has truly been by my side 

EVERYTIME I wanted to give up 

2017 didn’t owe me anything but I took opportunities left to right 

Caught myself a couple of times crying because I was so overwhelmed but it works out in the end EVERY single time 
You just gotta do what you gotta do 

Breathe through every trial 

Pray that everything will workout in his favor 

Pray that your struggles won’t last always 

Pray that you’ll get through each day to make it to see another 

Thank God for your blessings 

Thank him for the good and the bad 

Thank him for the moments he let you miss for something better to come out of it 

Thank him for the times he shielded you from harm 

Pray over your child(ren)

Remind them that you love them

Remind the people you love and care about that you love and care for them 

Make it your business to take time for yourself 

Make it your business to be happy 


Wind down 

Be happy 

Be sad 

Be alone 

Be with people 

It’s okay to release the stress in any way you choose as long as you’re not harming anyone around you 

Cry through the Bs 

Laugh because you’re nervous 

Laugh because it makes you feel better 

Love to the best of your abilities 

Love because it’s easier to do 

Learn from your mistakes 

Meet new people 

Learn from them 

Live because it’s all you can do 

Live because God gave you another chance 

Take opportunities given to you 

There’s no manual 

There’s no guide 

Because life just happens 

If we knew the outcomes, we wouldn’t be living 

Live life to the fullest 

Make it work 


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