Chapter 28 

I consider life to be chapters 

I consider every year of my life a chapter

In each chapter I have to learn new things 

I have to go through things 

I have to grow through things 

I had to learn to forgive 

I had to learn to forget some things 

I had to fall sometimes 

I had to fly on my very own 

And by flying; I don’t mean literally but I mean just spreading my wings, over coming things and possibly being content 
And as my brother reminds me every chance he gets “this is only temporary”

Those chapters we are on, we can make the best of them or still sit down and reflect on them while life is moving past us 
Some of the chapters were nightmares that I wish I could forget. Some chapters I couldn’t believe I went through and made it out alive. Sometimes the story got deeper And so in tune, i don’t even realize it’s a reality 
And One thing I’ve learned is that in order to move forward from a situation is to close the chapter you’re no longer wanting to read Sometimes you have to do it in the middle but either way it has to be done 
In order for you to have peace. Be in tune with yourself. Sometimes you have to move forward without looking back 
This specific topic reminds me of many conversations I have had with my friends; About life.. something we do ALOT! The things we have been through. How we can move forward from them. How crazy life is. How things happen. 

How we made it out of different chapters. Some with kids. Some don’t have any. And the things we go through on a daily. My one friend laughs and says “we need a show, We need a platform, People think this is easy. We are living in these times ‘Wed’ as she calls me, we are living in these times! ” 

Thats for another day though. 
In 2016 I read a post that asked me 

“What is this chapter of my life called?” 
Finding the inner me and being able to understanding what I’m all about. 

Taking time to understand what I want for my future and just being optimistic of what’s to come. 

Taking it one day at a time and coping with what life has to offer 

Doing what’s best for me

Loving myself inside and out

Not letting anyone or anything ruin my chances of success 

Putting me first in all the decisions I decide to make 

Looking at life in different perspectives 

Understanding that my situations could have been worst 

Spreading love, joy and happiness because eventually God sends it back my way in one way or another 

This chapter has been the best thus far, I’ve cried a little less.. I’ve been able to take on much more with what’s going on around me and I’ve been nonetheless happier in EVERYTHING I do. 

My question to you: 
What is this chapter of your life called??