2017- Patience & Growth

My mind was blank writing this last blog for 2017.

This project, what I’ve started and my plans for the future is just the beginning to becauseof89

I just wanted to thank everyone who ever took the time to read my blogs, share them and comment. It means the world to me how my writing can inspire someone else. Someone even told me that “I’m out here writing what people are really thinking”.

I started this blog in hopes of my own outlet. I had a lot of anger towards life period and all the things I’ve been through but through my writing I understand more and more that life just happens. I spend a lot of time evaluating myself, the people around me and just people I encounter and honestly everyone has a story. Every story has an ending.

But if I knew then what I know now, would I be living? Would I be where I am today? would I be who I am destined to be? I haven’t gotten it all figured out but I know at the end, Ill be alright.

This year my patience was tested.  I wanted to give up on my goals but the bigger picture is clearer than giving up. Giving up sometimes is so much easier. I took some time from social media and made things happen. Though I’m not where I want to be, I am headed in the right direction. Giving up would give the enemy so much power and as competitive as I am, It would not be pretty!

Ive decided in order to GROW, I have to accept what was and that growth is only from within. Growth is not following the crowd, but leading your own pack. Growth is when you have decided to put certain things aside to accomplish what needs to get done and even when you get left behind, its okay because your time is coming.

I got a new job and I was working over night, going to school, seeing my daughter less and it was hard. My family and friends never doubted me and I appreciate them for that. Though I doubted some decisions I had to make in order to be where I am now, I don’t regret any of them. My daughter would call me and tell me how she wanted to come home but I had to work and go to school. I explained to her that in due time it would be over. In due time, school was over and I passed the most stressful semester of my program with flying colors and I got offered a better schedule and I could go back to my routine with my daughter. Patience and prayer. If someone tells you that God isn’t real, they’re lying! God has seen me through in situations that I had no idea I was even in.

The power of prayer and patience!

We honestly don’t know what we have until its gone; wishing my mother was here in these stressful times or even my brother to help a sister out because thats just what he does or to even have your older sister reminding you that you got this. My little sister helping me with homework because I’m stressed or your friends willing to help in anyway.

We don’t understand the true meaning of patience until its all we can have. When you have to swallow your pride, dry your eyes and hide the pain because you don’t know that those four walls can cave in on you.

But its almost the new year and I’m here to say I made it!

I’m thankful for the lessons I had to learn.

2017-Patience and Growth!


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