Moving forward always

As it nears the end of the year and also the last year of my 20’s, I’ve realized that I’ve done a lot of wishing, dreaming and hoping.

Wishing for things to get better, dreaming of better days and hoping for miracles to take place. All in all, they didn’t come in the form I’d been praying about but they came

Sometimes we spend time focusing on things that won’t elevate us, that won’t help us prosper that we lose sight of what’s ahead. Not because we can’t but because our faith is one foot in the door and half foot out. Because we are so used to things falling apart and not seeing the beauty of it. Things fall apart so better things can come about. If only it was easier said than done.


Our value is so much more than beauty meets the eye. Our deepest scars makes us beautiful human beings with beautiful souls and beautiful minds.

I spent a lot of my teen years and 20s, wishing things would be something that I had no control over. Hoping for things I couldn’t control. Dreaming of the negative thoughts. And not putting more of my energy into my goals. Not focusing on the beautiful things happening regardless of some of the bad days.

It’s more mental than we will ever know!

I like to snap back in reality some days because I’m so focused on the what if’s, I lose sight of what’s ahead. I forget that I have a future that I can make brighter with a better vision. With a better mindset. With positive people. Positive thoughts. Positive atmosphere. Focusing on myself. Self care. Self love. Then being able to love and live accordingly.

Of course easier said than done but it can be done.

Becoming this great woman that people say that I am isn’t an overnight job. It’s daily prayers, daily tears, daily battles with myself, daily reminders to myself that I got this and I’m doing it and why won’t I accept whole heartedly that everything is and will work in my favor

It’s because I didn’t want to receive the change or understand that life does have sunny days and not only cloudy days. I definitely lack self motivation sometimes because I’m always in doubt. But now I want change and positivity more than ever, Bc it’s the only way.

If I can encourage people to be a better them, I can do it for myself.

So I said to say that in 2019; I’m willing to continue to make those sacrifices that will leave me happier in the end. I’m willing to try new things, new people, new places, new atmosphere just to better myself. I’m willing to still be myself in a room full of negativity and continue to live my best life.

It’s definitely only up from here and we got this

New year

same me

Working towards these short term/long term goals

And just more positive thinking

Making some promises to myself that I will keep.

Happy new year!!


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